Object of The Game
List the most words each round in order to win the letter cards each round. Accumulate the most letter cards throughout the game to make it easier to form a 4 (or greater) letter word and become the winner!

Alphabet Soup consists of a varying number of 30 second rounds.  At the beginning of each round, a random letter and topic card will be flipped over off the top of each deck. The round begins immediately after the cards are both flipped, and each player must spend the 30 second round on their own, writing down all of the words that they can think of that both begin with the letter selected, and pertain to the topic. The winner of each round wins possession of the random letter card, whereas the subject card is just put to the side. The winner of the entire game is determined by the first player to use their accumulated letter tiles to spell out a 4 or greater letter word and shout out “Alphabet Soup!”


1.    Distribute a writing utensil and paper to each player.

2.    Deal out four random letter cards to each player. These cards help towards the creation of the 4+ letter word.

3.    Place the stack of letter cards and subject cards in the middle of all of the players, and flip the top card from each deck.

4.    Start the 30 second timer as soon as both cards are flipped.

5.    Write down as many words as you can that begin with the flipped letter card, and that pertain to the subject card during the round.

6.    After the round ends, each player will take turns reading their word list out to the rest of the players to check the validity of the words. Whoever has the highest number of valid responses wins that round.

7.    The winner of the round can either accept the letter that was played and add it to their growing collection, or forfeit that letter and spin the bonus spinner.

8.    The object of the game is to use the individual letter cards accumulated throughout the game to spell out a 4 or greater letter word. Players do not have to use all of their letters to win.

9.    The first person to shout  “Alphabet Soup!” after spelling their final word and meeting all of the proper criteria wins the game.

Further Information:

Forming the Final Word
•    This word can be formed at any point during the game, as long as all of the criteria below are met.
•    The minimum amount of letters in the final word is 4, this includes the currently flipped letter tile.
•    The 4 letter word must include the currently flipped letter tile anywhere in it, and pertain to the topic at hand. You can just leave a space in the formation of the word to indicate where the current letter goes.
•    The final word does not have to use all of your letter tiles.
•    The final word must be formed during the current round and pertain to the subject and include the current letter somewhere in the word.
•    Example Winning Word Scenario:
o    Letter Card: A
o    Subject Card: “Things that make noise”
o    Assuming you had an A,L,R, and M already, your word could be “ALARM” and you would lay your tiles down as AL__RM, leaving a blank space for the currently flipped “A” tile. Then shout “Alphabet Soup” to secure your win.

In The Event of a Tie
•    If a round results in two players with the same amount of valid words, a “war” round begins. This round is exactly the same as a regular round, but only the players who tied will be writing words. The winner of the war round gets to keep both the letter tile from the first round (the round in which the tie occurred), and the second (the war round). The winner can not, however, exchange either of these tiles for a spin on the bonus spinner. In the event that the war round results in a tie again, another one will follow until there is a clear cut winner.

Bonus Spinner:
•    The bonus spinner may only be used by the winner of the round, and only if they choose to not accept the prize letter.
•    The letter that was forfeited is simply put off to the side or the bottom of the deck.
•    The letter cards that correspond to the bonus spinner are labeled as “bonus vowels” and kept separately from the rest of the letter cards.
•    The spinner must be spun immediately, and all consequential actions take place immediately as well.

Group Consensus For Valid Words
•    When each player reads off their list of words, the validity of the words is totally subject to group debate and discussion. The final call comes down to the opinion of the majority.